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i have a breast lump - not sure whether to worry or not...

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juicychops Sat 09-Jul-11 18:48:41

i had bruising for a few months, then eventually a lump appeared. i got it checked out straight away by a specialist where i had an ultrasound and a needle test to check it wasn't cancerous. luckily it wasn't. she said its prob a cyst or something- maybe i knocked it.

ive been back twice since to have it checked again - the second time im pretty sure it had got a bit smaller, which me and the specialist could feel, and the other time i couldn't find it, and she couldn't find it so both concluded great it had gone now. the bruising feeling remained though which she said was fine.

anyway, the next day after that appointment i found it again - i think perhaps it was 'hiding' or we wan't looking in the exact right place. i feel a bit stupid now about this but it was just much nicer to believe it was gone.

anyway it is now a few weeks later and its still there. i dont think its bigger but it isn't smaller and the bruising is still there.

do you think i should just leave it for now and keep an eye on it, and maybe go back in a month or so if its still there? she said at the first appointment it should just go which is why we both quickly assumed it had when we couldn't find it again. i dont want to be a nuisence and go back again. plus it is a long way away so a pain in the arse to go there. im pretty sure its ok as i had all the tests done. can something like that turn cancerous?

what would you do?

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 09-Jul-11 19:49:37

If it was me, I would get it checked again and maybe discuss whether removing it would be an option, not least because it is clearly causing you recurrent worry and concern.

Whether or not it could become cancer, I think it would be impossible to know for definite. On the plus side, a cancer wouldn't come and go, but it would be unwise to assume a previous reassuring result means everything will stay benign.

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