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2.5 yr old - pupil not dilating

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ChablisorSancerre Sat 09-Jul-11 16:09:46

Just returned home from shopping and noticed that my DS right pupil is not dilating. Do I need to speak to a doctor? Anybody else experienced this? Thanks

TinFairy Sat 09-Jul-11 16:14:37

Yes, you need to speak to a Doctor.

Deuce Sat 09-Jul-11 16:19:56

Doctor. And I would be doing it today.

OhYouBadBadCrookshanks Sat 09-Jul-11 16:21:22

yes you do need to speak to a doctor. You could also see if a local optician would have a look at him this afternoon if he has no other symptoms.

ChablisorSancerre Sat 09-Jul-11 16:30:54

Great. Thanks very much. Have an appointment for 5 with the out of hours GP. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't being neurotic. Thanks again

OhYouBadBadCrookshanks Sat 09-Jul-11 16:54:39

well done, let us know how it goes. Will be thinking of you.

TheProvincialLady Sat 09-Jul-11 17:02:12

Hopefully you are getting a positive answer now.

Deuce Sat 09-Jul-11 22:32:36

Any word?

Knackeredmother Sun 10-Jul-11 13:54:44

Bump, any news op?

AmyStake Sun 10-Jul-11 21:40:01

Hope everything is OK smile

mumsiepie Sun 10-Jul-11 21:54:45

hope everything is ok too

cass66 Mon 11-Jul-11 16:19:11

My daughter has this, she saw an ophthalmologist and a paediatric neurologist when I noticed her pupils were different sizes and didn't react the same. She was 6 months old then. She was diagnosed with congenital horners syndrome, which has no significance. She is now 9 and completely healthy, I can't notice it as much now. So it could be this.

HTH Cass

ChablisorSancerre Mon 11-Jul-11 16:28:29

Hi all. Thanks very much for your responses - much appreciated. Well was sent to A & E by doctor on Saturday and have been at the hospital since! He has had a battery of checks by opthalmologists and had scans done but there appears to be no reason as yet as to why it happened.

Got discharged at lunchtime with an appointment for an eye specialist. The pupil seems to have gone back to normal and he has no obvious symptoms of head injury so they are assuming that he has maybe had a viral infection which has caused some kind of swelling behind the eye. Will have to wait and see.

Cass66 in all the chaos somebody did mention horners syndrome, hence the appointment with the specialist, so thanks for letting me know that it causes no long term problems!

Thanks again for all your advice.

OhYouBadBadCrookshanks Mon 11-Jul-11 16:31:15

I'm glad you took him smile it sounds like it was the right thing to do. Hopefully it is just one of those odd things that children are so adept at developing but it must have been a bit scary for you at first.

TheProvincialLady Mon 11-Jul-11 17:10:09

Yes it must have been really scary for you for a while. They do like to worry us don't they? I'm really glad all seems wellsmile

ChablisorSancerre Mon 11-Jul-11 18:25:00

They do like to worry us alright!! I have to mention though that everybody I dealt with has been really supportive and helpful. It's a shame that the Irish Health Service gets such a bad press because they were all wonderful.

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