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tinkermum Sat 09-Jul-11 14:47:17

Hi, my 4yr old had constipation a couple of weeks ago and when he finally went was in agony. He is now purposely holding his poo and therefore giving himself constipation agian and again because he is frightened it will hurt, I have tried telling him that if he just went everyday he would be fine but he is insisting on holding it in. It is really making me fret now. Will the doctor prescribe movicol for him? If so will this help?

NoWittyName Sat 09-Jul-11 20:09:03

I can't say for sure but having had this with my son my guess is you will be prescribed movicol to take for quite an extended period of time to re-train his bowels. If things are particularly bad (thankfully we only had this once) they'll prescribe a mini enema to initially get things moving.

It's a horrible thing and I feel for you and your son.

Hope this gets sorted soon.

(they will of course also remind you that he should be drinking PLENTY of water)

catx2 Sat 09-Jul-11 20:15:07

My dd was prescribed lactalose and told to drink plenty of water. She was also given a cream that helps to numb the area so that it wouldn't hurt when the poo came out.
Hope it resolves soon.

mummc2 Sun 10-Jul-11 22:50:04

my daughter went through this about 18mths ago. She was slowly getting harder poos and struggling for a few days and then one day it reached its worst when she spent 45 mins going and after collapsed on me covered in sweat and fell asleep!! She then became very withdrawn and wouldnt go. We were given lactolose and told to help along for a while with making sure she had plenty of water fresh fruit/juice etc. She was on the lactalose about 4/5 mths and now are back to normal bowel habits. She isnt scared anymore and unfortunately still tells me very proudly when she has done a poo!!! (shes 3.6)

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