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which contraception should i try next? i can't decide what to do. what would you recommend?

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juicychops Fri 08-Jul-11 21:01:24

i have been on Dianette for about 4 years now. when i last saw my doc i spoke to him briefly about it as ive heard that this particular pill you shouldn't be on for longer than a few years. - i was originally put on it as contraceptive but also for acne. the acne has been gone for years now but just continued on the same pill

i have used other pills in the past but lately ive been thinking about other contraception that you dont have to worry about forgetting to take daily such as the coil and the implant.

Im a bit wary about the coil as it just doesn't sound nice. Prefereably i would like something that has minimal to no hormones in it but i guess other than condoms there isn't anything hormone free?

what would you recommend?

juicychops Fri 08-Jul-11 21:25:04


goingwiththeflow Fri 08-Jul-11 21:32:26

I was on the pill for years ..then blood pressure kicked in and I had to come off pill was useless for me ..but after DC4 decided I HAD to do something (DH having the snip was taking just waaayy too much thinking about)and despite loads of reservations about it initially , I had the minerva(?) coil fitted and aprt from period crampy pains for a few days afterwards it has been great, no remembering to take pills or messing around with condoms etc and my periods are much lighter ( I used to be a 7day heavy tampon& towel kind of girl sorry if too much info! blush) now only last for three days and barely need a panty liner ..
Would recommend from my experience definitely

KilledBill Fri 08-Jul-11 21:50:43

You could try the merina as the poster above suggests, but first id do your research.

Many people have very nasty reactions to it.

Dianette I believe is a combined, so you should try another combined contraceptive if you got on with that one. Merina is progesterone only.

juicychops Fri 08-Jul-11 22:31:35

ive just been reading up on the merina and i just dont like the idea at all - i don't think i could do it. i would be worried it was falling out, or puncturing my insides, or stabbing my bf during sex. these may all be naieve reasons but it has made me a bit funny reading about it

the implant on the other hand has become a more attractive option, but will be talking through my options with the doc. i don't want my acne to come back either.

i wish bf would just have a vasectomy. he's got 3 teenagers and certain he doesn't want anymore, and neither do i, so that would be the easiest option

MegBusset Fri 08-Jul-11 22:33:44

I've got a copper coil, no hormones, no side effects, no stabbing DH during sex or rupturing my insides, no worries smile

KilledBill Fri 08-Jul-11 22:37:20

Yes it is ridiculously unfair that contraception always falls to the woman.

if you are totally sure about no more children you could look at sterilisation, but of course the procedure is much easier and safer for him and its more likely to be reversed if neccessary than yours.

What you have to think is that the synthetic hormone in merina etc, is like the hormone that kicks in when you have PMT. So if you get mad urges to pig out, bloat up, get spots and migrains etc etc before your period, theres a good chance you will get that with those contraceptives.

juicychops Sat 09-Jul-11 12:53:32

KilledBill, because im only 26 i don't really want to consider the steralisation path at the moment, although maybe one day in the future. Dp is 37 so would rather he did something a bit more drastic!! and as you say, more safer for him and easily reversed.

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