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Tight aching shoulders

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Bumperlicioso Fri 08-Jul-11 14:13:27

My shoulders and neck are really tight and achy and have been for a while, a combination of breast feeding, carrying the baby and crocheting. Is there anything I can do to ease it without having to pay to see a massage therapist or osteopath? I think it is giving me headaches too.

Tinamassage Fri 08-Jul-11 14:36:06

Dear Bumperlicioso,

There are many hormonal and physical changes that happen when you are pregnant and these continue after giving birth. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing your discomfort but from what you say, the activities that you are doing are naturally contributing to the pain. Poor and altered postures are a common problem I see with Mums and everyone one experiences pain and discomfort in various forms. I would suggest that it would be a good idea to see a professional that deals with pregnant and postnatal women and offer a remedial aspect to the treatment as they have knowlege and experience in treating such causes. I have written a blog on my site on shoulder and neck pain, please feel free to read and I hope it helps. All the best.

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