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Toothache - Is this normal? (Wisdom)

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TottWriter Wed 06-Jul-11 21:34:25

My wisdom teeth are coming through at the top, and the left side hurts like buggery. It aches almost constantly, though paracetamol is enough to keep the pain down.

Now, I know that wisdom teeth aren't exactly fun, but I'm stressing out because I had a filling in the tooth next to it last week and of course, to my paranoid brain, infection has set in, my teeth will all fall out, the world will end, etc.

I've looked, and as far as I can tell, nothing is inflamed. The dentist did a good job on the filling, it's just that the ache started then. The wisdom tooth is noticeably coming through more now, do you think it's a case of the dentistry work triggering its movement?

I have another appointment for a filling elsewhere in my mouth in a couple of weeks anyway, so will get it checked out then, but until then does my scenario sound at least plausible? How much pain have other people had from wisdom teeth?

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