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blood tests to check calcium?

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MadYoungCatLady Mon 04-Jul-11 22:40:47

Wondering if anyone can help me out with this -

My GP has sent me for blood tests as I have been getting agonising leg pains all through my legs, he wants to check my calcium levels or something, well it was something to do with calcium!

Does anyone know what he might be looking for? I have absolutely no idea what this pain is but it really is horrible.

DaisySteiner Mon 04-Jul-11 22:43:29

Hypocalcaemia (ie low levels of calcium in the blood) can cause severe muscle cramps.


MadYoungCatLady Mon 04-Jul-11 23:21:42

Ohhh that great thank you! Shall have a google now smile

DaisySteiner Tue 05-Jul-11 07:00:32

Noooooooo never Google medical stuff!! (probably too late now isn't it?!)

MadYoungCatLady Tue 05-Jul-11 18:06:49

Did google - but thankfully didnt understand a single word of anything or any webpage - and it was all chemical stuff which may as well be foreign!

Im hoping whatever it is wont kill me anyway smile

tyler80 Tue 05-Jul-11 18:35:14

Make sure when you're booking your blood tests they know they're checking for calcium.

If i remember correctly, you have to do these tests within a certain time, so I turned up at an afternoon appointment and when they were half way through taking blood they told me I had to come back the next morning as the blood collection person had already taken the stuff for today and calcium needed to be tested same day.

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