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Period pain

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sheeplikessleep Mon 04-Jul-11 20:59:29

Since having DS2 15 months ago and the return of my periods about 4 months ago, I get this really sore, heavy aching feeling, almost like a dropping feeling underneath on the first day of my period. It is only eased by sitting down. To be honest, some times I can only stand up for 5 minutes or so, before I need to sit down.

I don't get the cramping, which I know is 'typical' period pain.

Is this heaviness or aching feeling normal?
I think I used to get it, but not to this extent. I've tried taking paracetemol, but it doesn't touch the pain.


HansieMom Mon 04-Jul-11 21:29:30

that sounds like what I had when I was heavily pregnant with my second child. That area often ached. I think you should get it checked out. I still do not know why. I thought at the time that a blood vessel was getting pressed upon. I did have placenta previa so the placenta was lying low. I wonder if you could have endometriosis in an out-of-uterus site? that tissue could be swelling with your period. Did you have a C section? because if so maybe some uterine lining got out.

catx2 Mon 04-Jul-11 21:37:49

I get this too. It started after a missed miscarriage about 18 months ago. I did mention it to my Dr and he didn't seem overly concerned.
He said possible endomitriosis and to keep a record of the pain and the bleeding. I seem to remember reading on here about someone else with same problem.
I take Buscopan for IBS and it is now recommended for period pains too. You can now get one that is for just "Tummy cramps". I've read alot of other posts from people with IBS who say Buscopan is great for Period pain/cramping too.

sheeplikessleep Tue 05-Jul-11 08:31:27

Hansie - I think I will get it checked out. If it was just the cramping, then I'd know it was normal, but this heavy achiness I've not read anywhere. I didn't have a c-section no, pretty straightforward birth to be honest. But I will book an appointment. DH said last night that I've always mentioned about this need to sit down on the first day or so of my period, so he thinks I've always had it. I think it's got worse since DS2 in particular though. Thanks for posting.

Cat - you've also made me think I should mention it to the Dr. Thank you for posting.

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