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Dentists! Please advise me, I'm panicking

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Aranea Mon 04-Jul-11 20:27:30

I am having a front tooth crowned. So far I have found the process a bit traumatic, particularly as when I went to have the permanent crown fitted it turned out that the lab had made it too dark and in the process of discovering this my gum bled heavily (the temporary had to be cut off), so I went away with another temporary crown feeling rather battered.

I've just been back for another go at having the permanent crown fitted. This time the dentist cut the temporary off and broke the peg remaining of the tooth. Apparently it was not part of the tooth in any case, as it was a root filled tooth, so he has put in a gold peg.

I was not convinced by the colour of this replacement permanent crown, so the dentist has put it in with temporary cement so I can think about it for a week.

Basically I am panicking a bit now as to whether he is making a horrible mess of my mouth. The gum doesn't seem to me to sit quite right around the top of the crown, but maybe this is just because it is temporary cement? Or because it's a bit traumatised by what happened today and will settle down?

Are all of these events reasonable or should I be worried? I'm scared.

Aranea Tue 05-Jul-11 17:13:39


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