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Complete Confusion !

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EasyLife92 Mon 04-Jul-11 13:48:35

hi i'm wandering if any of you can help me , i've had really painful light periods for the last 2 years(since i started having regular sex) i get cramps for 2 weeks before that make me double up, i've tried one of the strongest painkillers going - tramadol for them and it works only for an hour then i'm back to being in pain. my sex lifes gone because to have sex i'm in agnoy for hours after , like a burning UTI feeling(i don't have any infections). i'm allergic to latex, i've tried every pill going, the injection and pop helped but made me gain 4 stone in 2 months sad now my doctor wants me to try the marena coil but i'm not sure if i want a forgein object in me.....

anyone been like this ?? or anyone who can lend me some advise on how to curb the pain??

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