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Sharing a bath with a 3 yr old with threadworm - please help!

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Fillybuster Sun 03-Jul-11 23:21:25

DD1 (3.5) has just been diagnosed by my lovely GP sister as probably having threadworm. Cue all of us taking a dose of anti-worm stuff, and me frantically washing all sheets, towels, clothes, toys etc in the house right before bedtime just at the end of DD2's birthday party (fun...) sad

Anyway: 3 DCs always share a bath every evening. Assuming everyone has separate towels for afterwards, and I have disinfected all bath toys and the bath (I have), is there any reason they shouldn't share the bath? I assume that soap and warmish water will kill any eggs/worms that are around anyway, won't they?

Please help....DD1 will be very upset if she can't have her bathtime fun with DS and DD2 every evening (and it will make bedtime even more work....sad ) Thanks smile

coansha Mon 04-Jul-11 04:30:43

I think you have taken all the steps possible so if still unsure ask your sister but personally I would think it was fine.

Fillybuster Mon 04-Jul-11 17:46:32

bump - any other opinions before bathtime?!

Elibean Mon 04-Jul-11 18:01:30

Go for it. My dds never caught worms of each other, and they shared a bath every night.

Happy birthday to your dd2 smile (and a stiff drink to you!)

DilysPrice Mon 04-Jul-11 18:07:15

You always need to assume that the entire family will catch threadworms off each other and treat accordingly anyway so I'd carry on with shared baths.

Fillybuster Mon 04-Jul-11 20:22:08

Thanks all. Did them one-at-a-time tonight, but only had the 2 DDs so was much easier (and needed to do hairwashes anyway...) - dont want DD1 to feel like a social outcast so hurrah for starting again with shared baths tomorrow night smile

Have now cleaned all toys including all lego pieces etc, changed all sheets, towels etc, wiped nearly all books...worn to find wine

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