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Bad hands - carpel tunnel then de quervains. Ever get better?

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yellowflowers Sun 03-Jul-11 22:15:01

I had bad carpel tunnel in pregnancy which mainly disappeared in the weeks following birth though has come back a bit now, six months later. I also had post pregnancy de quervain's tendonitis - mostly cured by steroid injections from gp but again getting a little worse. I want to try for another baby in the next year or so but really don;t think I could cope with a toddler and being pregnant whilst having such hand difficulties again. Anyone else had hand problems and did they get better? Any tips?

zgaze Sun 03-Jul-11 22:20:56

I had exactly the same, both conditions...I couldn't have the steroid injections as I was still breastfeeding so I had to wear hugely unattractive great big beige splints on each hand which basically stopped me inflaming the bits underneath each thumb which were the most painful. They looked awful and were really annoying and incapacitating to wear but to give them their due they did actually work - I think it was probably about six months after I had DS that the pain finally went for good. I've had no twinges since.

I'm now pregnant again so it will be interesting to see whether it comes back when I'm further on - if it does I think I'll probably just strap myself back into the splints and hope for the best! Like you am not sure I could cope with a toddler and a baby and that awful searing pain.

yellowflowers Wed 06-Jul-11 20:41:33

Thanks zgaze - congratulations on your pregnancy. Would love to know how your hands are as it progresses. I was breastfeeding too but they gave me the steroid injections - eeek, now I will worry I have harmed the baby, though tbh the pain so bad I would have happily switched to bottle feeding if it would make the pain go away.

Am wondering about trying to get the carpel tunnel syndrome fixed now with the op they can do before trying to get pregnant again.

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