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Help! My DS (11 mts) has headlice and threadworms!!! i'm so stressed!

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beckyg123 Sun 03-Jul-11 21:37:42

Like the title says my DS is only 11 months and we found head lice yesterday and thread worms tonight!

Just wanted to check with other mums that we are doing the right things- and maybe someone to calm me down as i'm really upset (and a bit angry!)

With the lice- i found 1 grown louse and about 12 eggs- i managed to peal each egg out last night while he was sleeping and there is nothing to see today so haven't used any treatments- should i?

Worms- Found 1 in his nappy after dinner (YUK!!!) been searching everywhere for late night chemist to get treatment but can't find one locally- he has fallen asleep and seems unaware so plan to get something tomorrow- any recommendations on what to get?

I know these things are so common but i feel so guilty- he's so helpless and unaware, my baby!

I've told the childminder about the headlice- she got a bit defensive! She's now on holiday for 2 weeks- do i call her to mention the worms too or just say something when he goes back?

Thank you for any advice or support!

bigscarymum Sun 03-Jul-11 21:58:14

I not know about the headlice but imagine if you have got rid of them all that will be fine - you just need to keep checking.
For the threadworms I don't think he chemist will sell you anything for an 11 month old. I think it is only or the over 2s so you will probably have to visit your GP. You will have to tell your CM about the worms as your DS probably got them there, and if he didn't he will have passed them on to them, so everyone needs to be treated, as do your whole family. It s very common, something like 40% of school children have them and they are a bugger to get rid of.

BertieBotts Sun 03-Jul-11 22:06:25

For threadworms, get ovex or boots/supermarket equivalent, and treat everyone in the household over the age of 2. You can't treat him but the lifecycle of them isn't that long, and as he's in nappies he shouldn't be able to reinfect himself. Wash all bedding, towels, etc, and make sure all family members are washing their hands after using the toilet, including using a nailbrush if you have one. And of course wash your hands after changing his nappy too. They're horrible but harmless, DS got them recently, assuming from another child at the CM as well. He didn't complain of an itchy bottom or anything so I don't think they bothered him. He is over 2 though so he was able to take the tablet for them.

No point being angry or feeling guilty - it's almost inevitable he will get them at some point if he's in contact with children who go to school or nursery. I wouldn't worry about telling the CM about the worms as in 2 weeks they'll likely have gone whereas with headlice they can stick around for months if not treated, though you could check she's encouraging hand washing after toilet usage with the older children.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 03-Jul-11 22:32:39

Ah it happens to us all DD got threadworms within a month of starting nursery hmm

No head lice yet but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

The GP gave us some stuff for her - but I think yes they do need to be two. Hygiene advice is available online or from your health visitor, you have to be really fastidious to get rid of the problem I'm afraid.

COCKadoodledooo Sun 03-Jul-11 23:04:03

Are you sure about the worms? Only I was convinced ds2 had them last year, and it turned out babies can't digest beansprouts blush

beckyg123 Mon 04-Jul-11 07:48:18

Thanks everyone- I'm going to call GP this morning to see if she can prescribe something for the worms, either way I guess i'll be cleaning and scrubbing all day! Just as well i don't work Mondays! lol!

BertieBotts The anger and guilt seem to have gone this morning- feel much more practical today, think I was just emotional about my baby!

cockadoodledoo i'm pretty sure it was threadworms we saw- thin, threadlike, about 1cm in length and very much alive!!!

Thanks again for the support- off to clean clean clean now!!!

DeWe Mon 04-Jul-11 08:59:17

GP can prescribe a powder for threadworms for under 2s. It goes in milk or squash (I think I put it into yoghurt). Dd1 started getting worms at about that age. I've threatened to worm my children like you would do the dog, every 6 weeks or so at times. wink It's so common, they can pick worms up from playgroups (that's where dd1 was picking it up from) or even just at the park.

beckyg123 Mon 04-Jul-11 09:27:24

DeWe that sounds promising for meds! I'm waiting for telephone consult with GP this morning. Was just thinking the same thing about the worming routine! This just reminded be to call the vet for more worming tabs for the dog!

Still in shock that he got head lice and worms at the same time!!! Suppose that's what i get for going back to work and putting DS to CM- lol!

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