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This isn't BV, is it? :(

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PlayThatFunkyMusic Sun 03-Jul-11 17:20:05

Diagnosed with BV two weeks ago, felt pretty dry and scratchy, unclean. I've had it before so I knew what it was when it developed. They gave me 400mg of metronidazole to take a day for 5 days, which I did, and it looked better.

Had sex with DP on Thursday night and felt the same again, dry, scratchy, unclean. So I made an appt at the doctors for next week.

Yesterday I had some really, really weird discharge. It was kind of a strong yellow/orange colour when I wiped, but what surprised me was there was a.. urgh, thick lump of discharge about the size of a 5p and the only way I can describe it was that it was like ear wax. Horrible. Today I've had the same thing again, more similar semi solid discharge sad. I haven't had sex since Thursday because I'm panicking a bit now. I'm not pregnant because I've been on Implanon for 9 months.

I'm making it worse because I feel unclean and I'm paranoid somebody might be able to smell me so I'm having a bath every day, not using any products but making sure I'm very clean, which I know is making it worse.

When I was diagnosed for BV I was tested for STDs and other infections, everything came back clear. So I'm a bit worried really!

OddBoots Sun 03-Jul-11 17:26:40

I had a quick google and found this which suggests it probably is BV but maybe the antibiotic isn't working?

PlayThatFunkyMusic Sun 03-Jul-11 17:34:22

Wow, thanks OddBoots that's made me feel so much better! I've never had the orange discharge with it before and the lumps made me panic a bit.

When I had it in 2010 I was given the gels which were brilliant. I asked for them this time but was given tablets hmm. Will insist on gels when I go on Tuesday. smile

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