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Is this a vaginal prolapse..?

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tendtorant Sun 03-Jul-11 17:10:20

Umm, I had my 2nd LO, who was a whopping 10lber over 2 years ago but in the last few weeks I've noticed a kind of 'bulge' hanging down in front of my vagina. It doesn't hurt at all and I can kind of push it up again. I don't notice it when I'm lying down only when standing.. It could have been there ever since No. 2 was born but I had a rather drastic wax by accident a few weeks so it's kind of more noticeable now.. Does this sound like a prolapse of some sort?

KilledBill Sun 03-Jul-11 18:23:38

Yes, im afriad it probably is. Book an appt and go and see an obgyn, but if it isnt causing you problems they probably wont do much.

SydneyB Sun 03-Jul-11 18:51:53

Thanks killedbill just wondering why it only seems to have just happened. Do these things get worse or once it's 'done' is it 'done', as it were?

KilledBill Sun 03-Jul-11 19:04:50

I only said this the other day on a thread, it is infact a myth that prolapse happens the minute you give birth, it doesnt and it can gradually get worse.

Many will tell you, including HCP's, that doing a bit of kegels will sort it all out. I despair when I hear this, because although you can improve very minor damage after birth kegels will not fix most prolapses. I feel it gives women false hope.

It all depends on where the prolapse is, how bad it is, and whether you plan to have more children, you need to know this before you can decide on treatment. After two children and one baby being so large id say its a pretty safe bet that you do have some degree of prolapse. They will look to treat if you say you dont plan anymore children, you are in pain or have continence issues.

You could have physio first to see if this helps, then they can look at other options such as surgery, or there is a coil that can hold a uterine prolapse up to reduce pain.

SydneyB Sun 03-Jul-11 19:47:54

Thanks for the honest response. I'll get myself referred to a gyn as soon as I can then. I'm not in any pain - it just feels odd now I notice it. Bladder control hasn't been brilliant since birth of DS but not anything that causes too much of a problem but I am worried about it getting worse. Not planning on any more babies.

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