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Could my GERD be caused by milk???

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Becaroooo Sun 03-Jul-11 16:50:58

Full cream milk has always made me sick - ever since a young girl but I can drink skim milk in tea and have no issues with butter or cream (AFAIK) I had gallstones dx in Feb and am waiting to go on the list for surgery.

I have had really bad GERD (acid reflux) since I was expecting my 2nd child 3 years ago and I have been on proton pump inhibitors ever since (lansoprazole).

I recently went on my hols and forgot my meds blush I also didnt drink any milk in my tea whilst there as it was full cream (and according to my ds1 tasted "odd").

Whilst there I had no problems with GERD (in fact it was 3 days before I realised I had forgotten it!)

On returning home, I went back to having Skim milk in my tea and - GERD comes back again.

So, my question is a) could it be the gallstones causing the GERD (which causes pain and nausea) and b) could the milk be the culprit too?

Any advice welcome!

mammabearx4 Sun 03-Jul-11 19:44:49

Hi, have you ever been tested for an allergy to milk or intolerence ? My DS (11)has bad reflux causing vomiting when eating and is currently on a PPI.He was allergic to milk until this year when the test was negative for the first time since he was 2.He used to tolerate milk in processed and baked foods and in very small amounts, but in larger amounts he used to vomit, it was the same for his egg allergy too.Although i have never been allergy tested for foods (only seasonal and pet allergies which i have ) i can drink milk in small amounts but whenever i have say a Mcds milk shake which i cant resist lol ! I get a really itchy feeling at the back of my throat which causes me to cough and lasts for quite a while.I know i should get tested but its difficult enough getting appts for my DS never mind me as well, allergy clinics are very busy.
I think a lot of people have different tolerences to milk and varying amounts can cause symptoms in people.My DD2 also suffers from mild reflux and i notice when she has a lot of milk she starts throat clearing a lot.
Anyway hope you find the cause soon good luck !

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