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Haemophilliacs and Human Mad Cow's Disease, wrist bands!!!!!!!

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Beaaware Sat 02-Jul-11 23:32:40

Now I am shocked, wristbands clearly stating that haemophilliacs are at risk of CJD, OMG...............these poor people, if being haemophilliac is'nt bad enough, now they have to wear wristbands to warn staff that they are at risk of CJD (human BSE) unbelievable............... so what does really mean, haemophilliacs are exposed to donated blood, therefore, donated blood is at risk, therefore, haemophilliacs are being infected via the donor blood, so why is there no CJD/vCJD blood test being used to prevent this disease from spreading? Recently in the news it was reported that a blood test had been developed by John Collinge (government scientist) when is this likely to be put into practice? Considering the UK is classed as a high risk nation for human BSE why is it taking so long for the DOH to protect the public and haemophilliacs from an incurable brain wasting disease?

heres the link to the wristband picture

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