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any help gratefully recieved- need information on transferring from private to NHS for spinal operation

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herdingcats Fri 01-Jul-11 19:17:50

I have a damaged back due to one completely prolapsed disc ,which has de-hydrated and the level above has herniated as well.
My surgeon which I had to see privately ( but works in local NHS hospital)has tried to help me with less invasive treatments, all to no avail.
Basically my back is deteriating and needs a 3 level fusion to fix it. I had had all my scans done and the discography needed to identify the surgery needs. All I require is to have the final operation ,but cannot afford it as it costs in the region of £18-20,000 shock
To further complicate matters my DH is military and will probably in the very near future be sent overseas for 6 months or so. In reality I need treatment before then,as my parents are dead,I have an 8 yr old to care for and no family at all within 200 miles.
Hospital trust are refusing to let me tranfer and say PCT have not commissioned a spinal service, but employ an eminent spinal specialisthmm
I know it is in the statute books that they must let you tranfer at any point, but any information people can supply with which I can support my case would be very gratefully recieved.
Sorry for the long post

herbietea Sun 03-Jul-11 18:31:21

Message withdrawn

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