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DP's bad neck - what will help?

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Cattleprod Fri 01-Jul-11 14:08:30

DP has had a stiff neck and upper back for several years now, on and off. It's not usually painful unless he's been doing something strenuous or slept in a funny position and 'tweaked' it. The mobility is often poor and he sometimes finds it difficult to look over his shoulder. Also he quite often feels tired which he thinks is related.

In the past he has seen a physiotherapist who gave him some exercises which were largely ineffective, and an osteopath which made the problem worse. An x-ray didn't find any problems and he thinks the problem is muscular.

What else could he try? Has anyone had any success for a similar problem with the following...
Massage? What sort?
Alexander technique? His posture isn't always brilliant.
Yoga/core exercises?
Anything else?

Our budget is pretty tight so something that would help in just a couple of sessions, or a cheaper group therapy would be preferable.


kreecherlivesupstairs Fri 01-Jul-11 15:55:17

My dad and me to a lesser extent both have spondylosis or spondylitis (I can't remember which). Dad has had great results froma chiropractor. He also uses a TENS machine (so do I) when it gets particularly uncomfortable.

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