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Broken wrist

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Glubs Thu 30-Jun-11 20:48:36

Ice skating with DD aged 6 last week. We fell and upshot is Ive broken my wrist and am in plaster for 6 weeks. Massively inconvenient as I can't seem to do anything. I can't drive for the duration and to cap it all it's my 40th in a couple of weeks and Ive had to cancel my celebrations.
Just wondered if anyone can tell me if I'll be able to do more as the weeks go on or if I can't use that hand at all for 6 weeks. Can't even lift a hairbrush at the moment.
Just some vague information from someone who's been through it.

tessofthedurbeville Thu 30-Jun-11 21:45:32

I have been through it as have two other members of the family - and yes things do get better! You will be able to do more, such as lift a hairbrush, use the fingers and hand much more. Actually one member of the family actually drove! But not to be advised! Things will get better - although don't expect that as soon as the plaster is off it will all be fine, it does take a little while to build up the strength again. Good luck!

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