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Inducing menopause to treat endometriosis. Should i go for it or not?

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calvemjoe Thu 30-Jun-11 19:10:58

Hey Mumsnetters. I'm a 28yr old single mother of two who was diagnosed with endometriosis 6 weeks ago after 2 yrs of pelvic pain. I just went for my follow up appointment to discuss treatment options and my consultant wants to induce menopause. I have no idea if I should go for it or not. Help!!

Tenebrist Thu 30-Jun-11 19:29:30

Have you seen the website of the Endometriosis Association? They have a really good forum with lots of experienced people to give advice.

An artificial menopause seems a rather radical step for a first treatment. Mostly consultants would initially go for other hormonal treatment (Danazol etc), although many of these have huge side-effects and aren't guaranteed to work. Have you been diagnosed properly by laparoscopy or just by a consultant having a guess?

I've been through two artificial menopauses as treatment using GnrH agonists - 6 months each time. The first time it worked for as long as I was on the treatment (monthly injections) but the pain came back fairly quickly afterwards. The second time it had no effect on the pain at all, possibly because the nerve endings have now developed a pain memory. At the moment the only treatment I'm having is a combination of strong painkillers (but prescribed by a specialist pain clinic) and waiting for the real menopause to come - maybe that will work.

Best of luck with whatever you do, but remember that, where endo is concerned, it's seldom a good idea to take the consultant's opinion at face value without a second opinion or doing your own research (as you are doing now!)

RichTeaAreCrap Thu 30-Jun-11 22:57:53

I did this for my endo twice too. Its actually a 6 month treatment of injections to stop periods and bring on the menopause symptoms. It was ok but caused me a lot of other problems. I wouldn't do it again if I could avoid it.

How was your endo diagnosed - did they do a lap so they know where it is and how extensive it is? Only after this should they recommend what treatment you should have.

Take a look at the website that is posted above, it has loads of good info on it. Be careful too with endo, a lot of specialists do tend to try anything rather than what is best for you. A second opinion is always worthwhile.

IntotheNittyGritty Thu 30-Jun-11 23:05:49

I wouldnt do it. There are lots of treatment options available. The menopause brings its own problems - weakening bones, etc and you are too young to have to go through this.

I had a hormonal treatment which was brilliant and it cleared everything up and I never had problems since. I now have the coil fitted so I dont get periods so no pain.

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