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I've got seasonal asthma but since diagnosis I've never been back for more meds.

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Phoenix Wed 29-Jun-11 15:28:47

It was about 10 year ago that I last went about this and I was prescribed a blue (ventolin) and brown inhaler. Anyway PIL used ventolin inhalers and I have always got inhalers from them when I need them but now for various reasons I think it's time I went back to the docs to sort myself out.

Yes I know it's stupid but what the hell do I tell the doctor about the missing years? I'm scared to go back and look stupid, help!

thumbwitch Wed 29-Jun-11 15:33:19

What do you think the doctor is going to do to you? They're hardly likely to refuse you medication, are they.
Yes it's stupid to use someone else's prescribed medication but if it is exactly the same as the one you were prescribed, fair enough. At least you were using it and not allowing your condition to worsen withouth going back to the docs.

Don't tell the doctor any made-up stories, just tell them the truth. And take the lecture that you're going to get, or the raised eyebrow look - get over it and get your prescription sorted and your check up.

Phoenix Wed 29-Jun-11 19:38:35

Just worried what they'll say i suppose. Dh doesn't think i should say anything about using FIL's inhalers.

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