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Anyone had hand, foot and mouh?

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GiantSoreWhereMyMouthUsedToBe Tue 28-Jun-11 19:38:41

Because I suspect I do sad There has been a notice up at ds's school for a few days and ince yesterday I have about 20 small sore spots in my mouth, all along my lower inside lip and my tongue. Sounds attractive eh? I can;t eat, and I can't speak without a lisp. Considering my hands and feet are fine, is itlikely to be hand foot and mouth? Am I just waiting for my skin to erupt?
Is it even worth a trip to the GP? The pain is horrible.

Bumperlicioso Tue 28-Jun-11 19:45:27

Ooh I've had the same thing. Fecking painful and making me feel nauseous. Pharmacist just suggested corsodyl. It's better after a couple of days but has really made me miserable. No other spots though.

Dd1 was also complaining of a sore tongue earlier in the week after ignoring her complaints for a day or so and telling her she was probably talking too much I got her some daktarin. Either way it seems to be better. I don't even know what hand foot and mouth is. I assumed I was run down.

GiantSoreWhereMyMouthUsedToBe Tue 28-Jun-11 19:52:31

Thanks, I'll try and get to a pharmacist tomorrow smile God knows how I'll sleep, my throat feels raw too.

Bumperlicioso Tue 28-Jun-11 20:09:27

Im mainlining icelollies smile

GiantSoreWhereMyMouthUsedToBe Tue 28-Jun-11 20:10:26

The kids have thieved all of mine sad Will send dp on a mercy mission asap

omaoma Tue 28-Jun-11 20:13:16

yes sounds like it. DD had it twice within a couple of months... all the websites say getting it more than once is 'extremely rare' - don't believe them!

I didn't realise you could actually get medicine for it tho? we were told just to try and keep her comfy and eating/drinking... Suggest the same for you. Gargle with disprin/take some nurofen and keep drinking whatever drink makes it hurt the least??

mum23girlys Tue 28-Jun-11 20:14:51

The infection is rife at our school. Over half dd1&2's class been off with it. Lots of the parents too. From what I've been told it's basically just spots in the mouth and not on hands or feet. Not sure why it's called hand, foot and mouth then tbh.

Hope you're feeling better soon

GiantSoreWhereMyMouthUsedToBe Tue 28-Jun-11 20:16:39

This is the thing, both my dc are fine! So why am I the one suffering?? Pharmacist is on the way to school tomorrow so will pop in, presumably they'll know if there's an outbreak and will be sympathetic smile

cardamomginger Tue 28-Jun-11 20:36:50

Yeah I had it when I was 24. GP said there wasn't really any treatment - I'd just get better in time. Apparently you can also get the blisters on your bottom, but he declined to look. He then quipped that it was just as well that I wasn't a cow, because then he'd have to shoot me!

BeeBread Tue 28-Jun-11 21:03:19

I have had it and did get blisters on my thumbs and feet. Very sore - felt like I had rubbed off the skin with sandpaper.

You have my sympathies; it's a miserable fecker.

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