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Possible prolapse and freaked out! (TMI)

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Rosduk Tue 28-Jun-11 18:21:37

I posted this in childbirth but wondered if anyone else had any experience of this!

I gave birth 6 weeks ago and had forceps and episiotomy. The cut is all healed and the pain had gone then a week ago my bits started getting sore again but it's not the cut that hurts. I have looked and my vagina is so stretched I can see quite graphically the parts inside and it is freaking me out I havnt slept in days! Everything is still internal there is nothing actually hanging out. There is also nothing obvious as to why it's sore like infection or bleeding or anything but I had started exercising which could be why? I have an appointment this week but has anyone else had this? I have been doing my pelvic exercises but I am so worried it was NOT like this a week ago!

strawberryjelly Tue 28-Jun-11 18:36:05

You are exercsing very early after that amount of intervention- forceps and cutting.

What kind of exercise?

When you have your check, mention it.
It's normal t olook different after giving birth and it's still very early days.

Rosduk Tue 28-Jun-11 21:59:05

Well, I felt 100% 4 weeks after giving birth-cut fully healed and full of energy-in fact I felt brilliant as I was sick throughout my pregnancy so felt confident to exercise a bit. I do alot of walking anyway but stupidly thought I would start of easy and only did a davina exercise video about 3 times that week and it was the following week this all happened so I do wonder as it was so early if it contributed!! Lesson definately learnt.

KilledBill Tue 28-Jun-11 22:52:13

To be fair it will be the delivery that has done the damage - not a bit of Davina!!

It may not be a prolapse it may just be damage. Its not a nice feeling, id definitley mention this to them now at your next appt. If you can see in the mirror try "bearing down" and see if anything pops further down, or if you can see a buldge. Its a myth that prolapses appear the second you give birth sometimes they appear a while after.

fifitot Thu 30-Jun-11 09:40:07

Takes up to a year for your bits to recover or so my GP told me. Best to get it checked out though.

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