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Monitoring my dodgy ticker....

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MistressFrankly Mon 27-Jun-11 17:33:11

I have just come back from GP strapped up with a lovely blood pressure (BP) monitor i have to wear for a full day. Stupidly i thought it was gonna be little sticky pads not the whole damn sleeve thing. Got some very funny looks going round the supermarket beeping and whirring away grin And only had vest top on so couldnt really hide it.
I was informed it would go off 6 times an hour but it seems to enjoy squeezing the beejeeesus out of my arm and is firing off every 30 secs. Well thats what it feels like smile

This BP issue only appeared during my pregnancy. Everything was fine until i went 40+1 with dd and BP rocketed. Had routine check on the mon everything normal, tues was admitted with BP about 168/120 shock and kept in to be induced. Since then it become lower but has never settled down properly and dd is now 9.5 months. Been off and on nifedripine (sp?) since but didnt really help.

Feeling a bit poo about the thought of long term medication so fingers crossed its not too bad.

Anyone else had BP that returned to normal after this long?
Bloody hell here it goes again <squeeeeeeeeeeeze> No sleep for me tonight i bet sad

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