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unintentional weightloss

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saladsandwich Sat 25-Jun-11 16:18:59


im in my mid 20's and recently i have lost alot of weight, still losing it but there is no reason for it, i have been in and out of the drs but she is clueless. i am now about 7st, i'm usually about 9st i am eating and drinking loads, more than i use to, 3 hot meals a day with snacks inbetween. i seem to feel poorlier every week at teh moment, my body feels tired, i have neuralgia behind my ears mainly, all my blood tests came back normal though. i have just handed in a 24hr urine sample not sure what they will do from there but my newest thing this week is furuncles, first came up wednesday, then one friday, another today, i am prone to the odd boil but never had 3 at one time before i'm on antibiotics but they aren't helping it's almost like my body can't fight them off giving it while monday but got a feeling that these aren't good it's everytime around my period though if i get a boil its always round that time, i also keep bruising randomly and that is at its worst leading up to my period.

just exhausted really, don't even know why i'm posting really just feel rough the antibiotics i'm on i have reacted to in the past with a rash but they have given me them because they are the best option but its risky having had the reaction before

Elibean Sat 25-Jun-11 22:01:51

Poor you, salad - sounds grim, and very frustrating not to have answers from your doc. Is she the only one in your surgery? Can you get a second opinion from a different GP? What bloods have you had done?
I would think the boils are linked to being run down - but thats just an amateurish guess.
Have you had your thyroid tested? Full bloods? Liver and kidney function, CPR?
Do get a second opinion...

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