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Excessive bloating and water retention

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argghh Fri 24-Jun-11 15:29:10

My sister was hospitalised yesterday. She has been suffering from excessive bloating and fluid retention, gaining about 2 lbs in weight a day. Apparently she looks about 7 months pregnant. She isnt in any pain but just feels ill.

She is 50 so could be menopause related?
Anyone any ideas ?
The doctors dont seem to know what it is at the moment but she is going for a CAT scan today

I havent seen her as she is oop North, but will go up Sunday of she is no better,

argghh Mon 27-Jun-11 14:57:42

Hmmmm no answer but just in case something has something similar,

It can be comething called ascitis and can be is caused by cirrhosis of the liver sad

Elibean Mon 27-Jun-11 19:25:21

Sorry argghh...sounds upsetting and worrying. It doesn't sound menopause related, as its come on quickly and menopause, at least in my experience, doesn't actually make you feel ill: old and tired yes, sometimes, but not ill.

I've seen people with ascites (I used to have hepatitis, and attended a clinic for a year) and it does look like advanced pregnancy. I'm sure there are other possible causes too. Any more info from the hospital?

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