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Is it a cold or allergies??? Driving me mad!

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missymissmiss Fri 24-Jun-11 06:28:00

For about a month now i've had the sniffles, sneezing, blocked nose then runny nose, red eyes....worse when I get up and go to bed at night! Thought it was a cold but there is no sign of whatever this is easing up. Took a sudafed last night which cleared the congestion for about an hour.

I have never suffered like this before, even my husband has started the above symptoms, he's blaming i have given him a cold, although could it be allergies? We're in London lots of plane (sp) trees around and lots of pollen on the ground...

What to do? How do people cope? Thanks

SKYTVADDICT Fri 24-Jun-11 06:29:56

I have been feeling the same but with a sore throat too. Have been taking anti-histamine this week to see if it could be hay fever and I do feel a bit better. Could be a fluke!

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