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Blue patches on arm

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Sassles Thu 23-Jun-11 19:47:03


I keep getting an unpleasant tingling feeling in my right arm and large bluish patches (looking sort of like bruising). This only happens in my right arm and tend to happen when I have had a rucksack on my back and carrying not so little one and then drying my hair. It seems like a loack of blood flow to my arm, but it doesn't correct itself quickly after I lower my arm. It takes a good hour or so to go back to normal and today it is still feeling kind of achy and a bit dull in colour. Is this simply doing to much with one arm and reducing the blood supply or is the fact that it takes so long to get back to normal a sign of something else? The blue patches are really rather large. It only happens in my right arm. I also get a numb right leg from time to time that eases when I sit, but not sure if this is linked at all. Any clues? I know I should go to doc, but don't want to if it is something really silly!

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