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I don't want to have any more periods

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Istillfeelseventeen Thu 23-Jun-11 10:22:37

Hi, I'm 42 and have regular 28 day cycle. Period lasts about 7 days, first 2/3 days pretty bad. I dont want any more children and I want my periods to stop or just get much lighter. I read about a drug that can do this, cannot remember what it was called - anyone have any experience?

sb6699 Thu 23-Jun-11 12:24:39

I have the depo injection as a contraceptive and it has completely stopped my periods.

Some versions of the mini pill also help with heavy periods.

Sorry, I'm not a medical person, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come along shortly.

herbietea Thu 23-Jun-11 12:29:54

Message withdrawn

LawrieMarlow Thu 23-Jun-11 12:33:25

I have a Mirena coil and now get some spotting occasionally and no proper periods. I have had no problems with the coil and due to my history of depression was worried about potential effect as have heard it can increase anxiety but didn't find that at all.

Insertion wasn't the nicest thing ever but worth it for the benefits I get.

Earthdog Thu 23-Jun-11 14:25:53

Cerazette mini pill! It has stopped my cycle entirely :-)

Istillfeelseventeen Thu 23-Jun-11 20:52:59

Thanks everyone, I will investigate ....

silkenladder Fri 24-Jun-11 06:50:54

Just wanted to say, if you are considering depo, then research it thoroughly. The majority of women on it experience weight gain and there can be other side effects. It's also not recommended long term because it depletes bone mineral density, which could increase the likelihood of osteoporosis later.

The other problem with depo is that if you decide you're not getting on with it, you have to wait for it to wear off. It can take up to two years for the menstrual cycle to return and you can have very erratic bleeding during that time.

CarrieOakey Fri 24-Jun-11 06:58:29

I have the mirena coil. No periods, no pmt, no side effects but it doesn't suit everyone. On the plus side if it doesn't suit you it can be easily removed and unwanted symptoms should stop almost immediately unlike the depo.

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