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Dentist help please ? re a 4 year old needing a tooth out.

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sparkle1977 Wed 22-Jun-11 16:18:07

I am a bit worried as it appears that my 4 year old DS may need to have a tooth out soon (one of the front bottom teeth if you get me). Basically the tooth turned a pinky colour and the dentist said that the tooth had died from the inside but they don't know why. Four days later my DS's tooth broke off when he was eating. For the time being a cap kind of thing has been put over it but we've been told that won't last long and he will need it out. Awaiting dental hospital appointment for further advice/treatment.

I am a bit concerned as to how they will go about taking the tooth out if that is what will be needed. My son is very very good at the dentist so far and I am really concerned that them coming at him with an injection of anaesthetic (and the possible pain of it) will make him terrified of the dentist in future.

jendot Wed 22-Jun-11 17:23:09

My ds's have both had teeth out with gas and air...fairly stress free on both ocassions. One twittered on about eating popcorn while on a roller coaster for the whole time...the other after projectile vom all over the dentist just sort of dozed off. Both had forgotten about it by the next day..far more stressful for mums than for children!

ninjanurse Thu 23-Jun-11 14:52:28

My son has fillings under gas and air and also due to have extractions with the same shortly. The normal dentist wouldnt do it though, he referred him to the community dentist, who have more time and are able to use the gas and air and are specially trained to deal with nervous, anxious types and young children.

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