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Amoxycillin for Group B Strep DURING PG??? Anyone else had this?

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Tamashii Wed 22-Jun-11 13:48:50

Sorry - I have posted this in a few places to see if I can get as much advice as possible...

I am 26 weeks PG and have (once again) been diagnosed as highly colonized with Group B Strep. As my MW told me they have stopped treating you with Antibiotics via drip during labour in my area, I have been given a course of amoxycillin to take just now in the hopes it will kill of the GBS and I might not be GBS+ by the time of birth.

Anyone else been treated successfully/unsuccessfully DURING PG?? I have googled this a bit and not found too much but what I have found seems to point to the fact that IV penicillin during LABOUR is what is required.... Help please? I have also read way too much now about what can happen to the baby if he contracts a Group B Strep infection at birth and am really, really worried.

Thanks in advance for your help with this one...

yummychoccycake Fri 24-Jun-11 18:18:32

I had group b strep with both my babies. i wasnt given anything during pregnancy as i was told that it may come and go throughout.
DS2 was in special care for a few days and given antibiotics. I didnt have any during labour as he was born too quick, hes absolutley fine now (5yrs old).
My advice would be to keep on at the midwives and express your worries.
Im sure it will have your strep b results written in your notes. Maybe they will test you nearer the time, and if they dont make sure when you go in to labour this is the first thing you tell them.

Good luck, i do know how you are feeling and how worried you are.

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