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What could this be?

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EarthMotherImNot Wed 22-Jun-11 06:31:44

For about a week now I've had the most awful pain in and under my right breast. It feels like a "deep" pain ie not painful to touch but hurts to breathe deeply and sleep is difficult.

Had an exam from GP on Monday who says there are no lumps bumps etc but wants me to have a mammogram to be sure.

It will be a while before this can be done and the thought of living with this pain until then is worrying.

Any ideas please.

girlscout Wed 22-Jun-11 09:32:38

First thorght was a fractured rib, but obviously if its been checked then no, if its still badthen go back to the docs. good luck

EarthMotherImNot Wed 22-Jun-11 13:34:52

Thanks girlsscout, looks like I'll have to.

Kayteee Thu 23-Jun-11 01:33:25

Sounds like it could be a gallstone as that's the sort of pain it can cause. You could ask for an ultrasound scan as that will show them up. Meanwhile, try a low fat diet just incase it is gallstone as this can reduce the pain from them.

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