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Ok I can't empty my bladder properly and have constant bladder /kidney pain ? still no answers and totally fed up now x

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mooshy1970 Wed 22-Jun-11 01:04:37

For years my urine flow has been slower than other folks. I know this because I'm always still peeing when everyone else has washed hands and gone !
I,ve had a dull ache in my right kidney for about 3 or 4 years and now get bladder pain most of the time too . its generalised but also more painful on the right .
I've now gothic blood pressure and am on treatment.I'm really struggling to empty my bladder. I start ok then have to bare down and really push to empty my bladder . I then I assume get reflux as my right kidney aches after for ages .
I've had 2 scans of my kidney which were normal. they did show a post void urine volume of 95 mls tho so I know I'm not emptying my bladder .
I've been turned away at 3 urodynamics appointments each time because my urine test on the day showed infection. each time I tell Themis WILL NEVER ARRIVE WITHOUT ONE BECAUSE I CAN'T EMPTY MY BLADDER so I need the investigation but they won't do it because I always have something in my wee !
I've been on antibiotics daily for 3 years.
I had a general anaesthetic yesterday for a cystoscopy and they said they would dilate my urethra if it was narrow which might be the answer . The cystoscopy was entirely normal and he didn't dilate my urethra because it was fine. I was devastated tbh as was really hoping it would all be sorted .
I'm back to square one and not seeing the gynae for 2 months.
am in pain all the time and truly fed up now.
my kidneys look fine now but it seems like I have to wait for them to be damaged before anyone will listen.
an anyone recommend anything else or a maybe I should see about the cost of a private consultation somewhere ??
I'll do anything now.
Sorry it's so long .

mooshy1970 Wed 22-Jun-11 10:02:54


bumblingbovine Wed 22-Jun-11 10:12:21

I a sorry I don't know much about this but didn't want to leave this unanswered. Do you have the money for a private consultation because if you do I would be tempted to try that. Sometimes they can find out what the problem is and then if necessary you co use the nhs for treatment You may need to get your GP to refer you to a private consultant or you could go check out the BUPA website for lists of private consultants.

The problem with this situation is that you often fell so ill you don't have the will to fight but my experience of the NHS when you have something wrong that they can't seem to diagnose easily, is that they tend to hope you will go away.

The nhs is brilliant in a lot of ways but I know 3 people (including my father) who were ill for many years with gradually worsening symptoms befroe they got a diagnosis. You need to keep insisting that you are not forgotten about.

The other thing you should do when you see your GP is to insist on help with pain management (you can be referred to clinics for this) as well as asking if there is anyone else you can be referred to.

hiddenhome Wed 22-Jun-11 13:13:46

What types of fluids do you drink?

mooshy1970 Wed 22-Jun-11 23:37:42

Thanks both.
I drink lots of tea-regular and redbush and earl grey.
Wine with dinner.
Nothing else really.
I`ve def realised the more i drink the worse it is-tried cranberry juice etc until i almost turned red myself x

Elibean Thu 23-Jun-11 08:58:02

Sounds so frustrating, mooshy sad

I can't think of anything except looking into the cost of a private consult - do you have insurance?

Sunshinenow Thu 23-Jun-11 09:06:59

It must be a local thing - I've had urodynamics four times and they've never bothered about if I have an infection. Like you I'd never get one.

Ii would question this rule (try consultants secretary) - you'll never get anywhere without the urodynamics. they need to measure how much (if any) urine stays in your bladder, retention. and what your flow rates are.

Being refused tests three times seems a bit off to be honest.

Sunshinenow Thu 23-Jun-11 09:08:58

also are you seeing a proper urologist. Not a gynae with an interest in urology,

If you are not seeing a proper urologist department - get your gp to do a refer to the specialist department.

hiddenhome Thu 23-Jun-11 12:50:19


I had this problem for almost 6 months. Three courses of antibiotics and on the loo every five minutes. Never feeling as though I was able to empty my bladder. I was getting demented with it and hardly sleeping either sad

The girls on the interstitial cystitis thread suggested that I adjusted my fluids.

Only drink Evian (no tap) water, milk, herbal teas or pear juice. These are the least irritating to your bladder smile

Cut out everything else.

I did this and within 24 hours I was getting back to normal!

It turned out that it was ordinary tea that was causing all the problems sad

I now only drink redbush tea, water, milk, hardly any fruit juice, hardly any alcohol (wine made it much worse, spirits aren't too bad) and herbal teas.

I'm fine now and have had no problems since.

Things in your diet can also cause intense bladder irritation which leads to chronic infections and constant peeing/not emptying bladder because of spasms.

Please try adjusting your fluids for about a week and see what happens. Honestly, it's saved my life. I was becoming depressed and living on painkillers.

VivaLeBeaver Thu 23-Jun-11 12:57:01

check thread out here

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