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Left Ventricular Failure

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MotherMucca Wed 22-Jun-11 00:17:54

Anyone have any advice/experience?

My granddad has had COPD for many years - becoming severe in the last few.
Had pulmonary embolism November last.
Approximately 7 years ago, he had a major op to 'patch' his heart (sorry, can't remember name of procedure). Consultant gave him 5 years, post-op. So he's done good.

His breathing has become much, much worse recently (last few weeks). Took him to GP today - she asked for X-ray, citing COPD and ?LVF. So, he had this today too. Was advised to wait for GP to discuss results. That is good, yes?

He is still uncomfortable and breathing is hard for him.

MotherMucca Wed 22-Jun-11 00:18:52


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