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Abnormal breast ultrasound today. What next?

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kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 12:10:00

This morning, I went to the tit doctor for a mammogram. I thought that was the end of it, and got dressed. Doctor knocked on the changing room door and asked me to come into another room. I did and he asked me to lay on the table. I had an ultrasound (sticky) and he did the left one quickly, found a couple of cysts then moved to the right. He spent a long time going over one particular place then told me he was concerned. He said he wanted me to go for an MRI this afternoon. I can't have MRIs due to a clip in my brain.
He is going to phone me tomorrow with what he describes as a different proposal.
I don't want to google, but what could the different proposal be? I am in Belgium which probably explains the speed of MRI and there is no history of BC in my immediate family.

thumbwitch Tue 21-Jun-11 12:19:01

Oh dear, kreecher, sorry to hear you are worried. I hope it all turns out to be nothing much.
I assume the different proposal will be another way to get the same information without using teh MRI scanner - not sure if PET is also banned in your case? That might be an alternative if not.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 12:20:10

I will find out soon enough I suppose. It just couldn't have come at a worse time. I am leaving for England on Thursday and won't be back until Sunday.
I really don't want to cancel the England trip. DD is spending the day at her new school.

KurriKurri Tue 21-Jun-11 12:22:29

I suppose the different proposal could be a biopsy. (usually the process in UK is abnormal mammo/or detected lump then US and biopsy (just a needle thing, feels like a tugging sensation)

Often things showing up as abnormal on a mammo turn out to be harmless, bjut they will always check to make sure. I hope everything goes well for you, - I know the waiting for these kind of tests is horrible. If you want a bit of handholding - pop onto the Tamoxifen thread, - we often get people who are undergoing tests and we've all been through it so you'll have plenty of support smile

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 12:35:01

Thanks for that Kurri. Once I have the appt (and know what the 'different proposal' is) I will feel a lot happier.
I had thought it would be a biopsy of some sort. Presumably it is local anaesthetic. I can't have a GA for another 3 weeks, DH is going to Thailand next Thursday. He would cancel it if I asked though.

CMOTdibbler Tue 21-Jun-11 12:40:11

A biopsy would be with a local, or might be a needle biopsy which you don't get any anaesthetic for. The good thing is that a biopsy will be definitive very quickly
Hope it all works out ok

KurriKurri Tue 21-Jun-11 12:41:06

Yes it will be local, its a sort of punch thing that goes in a quickly snatches a piece of tissue (That makes it sound awful but its not) you just feel a tugging sensation. You might be a bit bruised afterwards and need a couple of painkillers, but really nothing too terrible.

It doesn't take long, you lie on your back with your arm tucked behind your head. Good luck, fingers crossed it turns out to be nothing worrying. But even in the very worse case scenario, BC is a very treatable disease these days.

But try not to get too anxious, the chances of it being nothing are much higher than the chances of it being a problem. smile

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 12:43:13

I know that rationally, but rationality is in short supply at the moment.
I can't get in touch with DH at the moment, he is busy interviewing people and I obviosly don't want to tell DD.

KurriKurri Tue 21-Jun-11 12:47:50

I know, it's scary, try to get through a day at a time and keep as busy as possible. <offers a (((hug)))>

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 12:48:54

Thanks for that. Currently DD is rearranging the kitchen in preparation for her friend coming over. Tomorrow. Nothing like being prepared eh?

thumbwitch Tue 21-Jun-11 12:50:52

Sorry, just had a quick look and should have typed CT scan instead of PET scan. blush
But it probably is a biopsy he's after.
PET scan not good enough on its own, apparently - they need the back up of a CT or MRI and since you can't have an MRI, the CT would be the alternative.

KurriKurri Tue 21-Jun-11 12:54:14

thumbwitch is absolutely right, I totally forgot about CT scan, that is a strong possibility. (again nothing to worry about if you haven't had one before, just a bit time consuming)

lostmymind Tue 21-Jun-11 13:34:48

I would have thought if MRI is out of the question then most likely a fine needle aspirate from the areas he's unhappy about. This is similar to the punch biopsy as described above, involves local anaesthetic injection, then a fine needle introduced to the area of concern. Some fluid is aspirated and sent for review, if they want to do a more invasive biopsy local anaesthetic is still an option.

Cold comfort though it may be, it sounds like you're in very good hands, and being seen at speed.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 21-Jun-11 14:25:18

just adding my hand to hold - waiting is horrid x

KilledBill Tue 21-Jun-11 16:48:16

Yes MRI will be out of the question because of the magnectic field obviously - but CT scan a possibility and that can still give cross-sectional images.

If they have carried out a mammo and ultrasound im guessing they will do a small biopsy. Sometimes it can just be a cyst that looks a bit dodgey so they check and then remove it to be on the safe side.

Hope all goes well for you

topsyturner Tue 21-Jun-11 16:59:39

Another hand holder from the Tamoxifen board .
The core and needle biopsies were painless .
But I really feel for you having to do all this waiting around , thats the hardest part .

Stay off google , any questions , ask the experts from the Tamoxifen board . They are lovely , and very used to any crazy questions that I you might ask grin

imadgeine Tue 21-Jun-11 17:02:34

Scans sound over the top and inappropriate at this stage. Strange.
Will he get to charge extra maybe? Scan will not answer the question about what kind of cells in this area.
Ask for a needle biopsy and see what they say. It is no worse than having an injection. They will send a few cells to the lab and look at them under a microscope. They will then use those results as a guide as to whether to do a lumpectomy to have a really good look at cells.
I googled for you on NHS site and it confirms that a biopsy is the way to go. No mention of scans to diagnose at all. Good luck.

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 21-Jun-11 17:26:17

Thanks for all the kind words. DH is preparing to cancel his holiday to Thailand. i don't think it will come to that!
imadgenie, possibly they do things differently in Belgium. Whatever it is, I am glad I'm not having to wait around scratching my head over it.
Anyway, the wine is slipping down a treat.

lostmymind Tue 21-Jun-11 18:02:01

It's just differing protocols for investigating breast lumps and bumps, nothing more, also varies in the US I believe? Btw, if he suggests a needle aspirate he may do this guided by ultrasound, so don't be surprised.

Hatescolds Tue 21-Jun-11 21:22:56

what kind of clip do you have in brain? Cos my MIL needed investigations and had had an aneurysm op so was assumed not to be able to have MRI but when consultant checked the old op notes the coil was titanium so was fine and she could have investigations

YellowDinosaur Tue 21-Jun-11 23:20:01

I am a doctor that works with patients with breast problems. Accepting it may be different in Belgium I very much doubt they will want a CT scan. This isn't that helpful for looking at the breast.

I second those saying that you probably need a biopsy. If you can't feel any problem in the breast yourself this will need to be guided by the ultrasound or mammogram and can either be a fine needle aspiration which is with a needle like a blood test or a larger needle (described above as a punch biopsy) with a local anaesthetic. Possibly both - the fine needle depending on facilities can give an immediate (45 mins or so) report whereas the other gives more information but will take several days.

Good luck but try to stay positive - most abnormalities picked up on mammograms turn out to be nothing

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 22-Jun-11 05:42:28

Once again, I thank you for all your kind words.
Hatescolds, I don't know what sort of clip it is. The surgery was 18 years ago and my notes have been destroyed.

BrianK Wed 22-Jun-11 08:45:22

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Fairycakewithsprinkles Wed 22-Jun-11 08:56:17

Just wanted to offer my support! I am oin first name terms with the staff at my local breast clinic due to my boobs that seem to grow new lumps just for fun.

I would agree with most the other posters here that the next step would most likely be a needle aspiration or biopsy. Neither are as bad as they sound and can say that being a needle phobic person. Surprisingly quick.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Thinking of you, as I know its horrible situation to be in.

smee Wed 22-Jun-11 11:11:36

Nothing to add to what others have said Kreecher, but just offering a bit more hand holding. Odds really are on your side, but having been there, I remember how scary it is waiting. Keep nattering if you need to.

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