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Recommend a Air Purifiers/Ioniser? (silent preferred)

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otherhalf Tue 21-Jun-11 10:17:30

Our 13month old son is breathing alot through his mouth- nose bunged up and alot of ear/cold/infections. Trying the basics first. We are also going to stop using clothes conditioner and change powder that we use for his clothes.

Basically we want one for his room but don't want to pay a silly amount- just a near-silent and good Ioniser/purifier.

Iggly Tue 21-Jun-11 12:46:39

What about wet dusting his room, washing all bedding at 60+ and vacuuming thoroughly (all the nooks and crannies, his mattress, any soft furnishings in his room)?

Also keep stuffed toys away from his sleeping area or vacuum any he sleeps like. This will keep dust and dust mites down if they're making him stuffy.

Also air his room every day by opening the window and doors.

I do this for DS and it helps - although not with colds or ear infections, that's just something I have to live with unfortunately!

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