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Dental costs: crowns. Help!

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RoseWei Tue 21-Jun-11 08:51:45

After successful implant surgery - a massive 6 of them (long story but all very much needed), I now face the prospect of paying for the crowns.
In addition to a couple of other crowns.

Had atrocious dental treatment when growing up and no end of problems since then although I don't smoke, drink much and eat very little in the way of sweet stuff. Also brush meticulously but the structural problems never really go away unless you do something about them.

Oh yes, and needing orthodontics on bottom teeth - rather crooked. But that's for later, obviously.

Have insurance with Simply Health but, as some of you may know, now fairly minimal. My dentist, although very good, charges an arm and a leg for anything and with reduced hours at work, will find it difficult, even impossible to pay these future bills. Even if one crown at a time.

Does anyone know of any insurance/pay back companies that pay up well crowns? Anyone experience of dental work abroad? (My dentist thinks that would be folly - a vested interest, perhaps or legitimate concern.) Anyone know of any reasonably priced dentists in the West (or East) Sussex/Hampshire areas or anywhere else in the SE?

Suggestions very gratefully received - thanks.

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:02:36

Insurance companies generally only start plans when you are dentally fit, ie don't need any work done..I doubt they would take you on needing crowns, to let you pay them up/get them cheaper

fanjoforthemammaries7850 Tue 21-Jun-11 09:05:55

a lot of dentists offer finance these days though, sometimes 0%

sausagesandmarmelade Tue 21-Jun-11 12:08:02

Crowns are £200 on the NHS (band 3).

I use Tesco AXA insurance which is quite good.

enidroach Tue 21-Jun-11 14:15:03

Either get the crowns on the NHS or arrange an installment plan with the dentist. Insurance plans charge you for a "check" to see what state your teeth are in to begin with and then there are various packages - the cheaper ones with many exclusions - your insurance payments with crowns , implants etc would be pretty large. IME the insurance/dental plans really only seem to pay for what you would need anyway and so are more like a payment plan.

Grumpystiltskin Tue 21-Jun-11 19:16:11

You will definitely not get implants restored with crowns on the NHS, unless I am misreading your thread, the implants need their crowns on top plus a couple of teeth need crowns? You could get the couple of crowns on the NHS if they are necessary but that would be like putting a fiesta bumper on a porsche, the materials and shades would be a total mismatch with even the keenest NHS dentist.
Payment plan seems like the way forward, please correct me if I'm wrong.

RoseWei Tue 21-Jun-11 22:05:56

Thank you all so much. Grumpy - yes, the implants need crowns (the bit where I am now) and, in addition, I need at least a couple of old crowns elsewhere replaced.

I entirely see your point about a possible mismatch. It's just that my dentist charges about £750.00 for one crown - perhaps that's power for the course?

I am grateful for all comments -

Grumpystiltskin Wed 22-Jun-11 07:01:56

Implant crowns need special bits on them which can cost hundreds of pounds on their own and are definitely something you wouldn't want to scrimp on. Your dentist should have told you all this before starting the process because implants need continuing care from a hygienist with specialist equipment for ever and this should have been factored in. Sounds like a payment plan will be the best option.

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