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TTC after Warfarin and DVT

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maggie75 Mon 20-Jun-11 21:04:55

Hi - I am coming off warfarin after 6 months following a DVT and miscarriage. I have also had a DVT during a successful pregnancy.

Has anyone experience of TTC after warfarin therapy? How long did you leave it before TTC and were you put on Clexane (or other low molecular weight heparin) whilst TTC or only when you had conceived? I was on it only when I had my BFP last time and only a preventative dose - which clearly didnt work.

Any advice/experiences welcome. Advice and support from Haematologists pretty basic.

Ive heard of people on here and in RL mentioning units that merge Obs and gynae with Haemtology for women with DVT history etc - any knowledge of these (am in London).


xstitch Tue 21-Jun-11 14:19:34

I think you would definitely be put on clexane (or alternative) after conception. Not sure about while TTC.

The half life of warfarin is about 40 hours so the drug itself should be out your system within 8 to 9 days although your INR may take a little longer to return to normal. Have you spoken to your GP about TTC again.? I don't think you would have to wait too long before trying again.

sorry can't offer more advice but good luck TTC and sending positive thoughts for a healthy you and healthy baby.

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