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Painful inguinal hernia and about to start IVF - anxious!

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peanuthead Mon 20-Jun-11 20:57:14

I have an (undiagnosed) inguinal hernia after 3 labours (only 1 DC) - only recently realised what it is. I can pop it back in and it doesn't really bother me but this evening it has started really hurting.

I'm too scared to go to the GP as I know the only thing they can offer is surgery and we're due to have IVF in Sept. I can't have mesh surgery as then I won't be allowed to conceive for 2 years and I'm already 42.

I'm terrified the GP will say I shouldn't be TTC and shouldn't get pg with it. Dr Google doesn't say too much about pregnancy with preexisting hernias.

This is really our last shot so I might not get pg at all and it might not be a problem. My anxiety has gone sky high this evening with the pain - anyone know anything about preexisting inguinal hernias and pregnancy.....

peanuthead Mon 20-Jun-11 21:47:34


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