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Mini Stroke

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Ebb Mon 20-Jun-11 14:56:53

My Dad is 76 and very fit and active, walks everywhere, eats a very healthy diet etc. Last week my Mum noticed his mouth was drooping and his speech was slurring so called the Doctors who in turn sent an ambulance and he was blue lighted to hospital. Blood pressure was slightly high but ECG, CT scan, bloods etc all normal and no evidence of anything so he was sent home again. The Doctors have given him aspirin to take and he has to go back to the 'Stroke Clinic' in a month. He feels fine in himself but his arm is a bit weak still.

Has anyone had any experience of 'mini strokes'? What is the likely hood of him having a proper stroke?

I suppose it's suddenly hit me that, infact, my parents are getting old and are not invincible. sad

cat64 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:01:49

Message withdrawn

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