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I am worried my eating habits will kill me

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chocaddict Sun 19-Jun-11 23:29:54

My eating has been out of control for a few years now.
I am binging constantly on junk food.
I am eating family sized chocolate bars most nights and can quite easily eat a whole pack of cakes one after the other all in one go, its the same with biscuits etc.
I could quite easily live on takeaways.
I am scared that I am heading for a heart attack, stroke etc.
I lie awake at night worrying that I am going to die becasue of my eating habits.
I also know its not fair on my ds who has already been teased by someone at school about my being fat.
I now weigh 13 and a half stone and I am a size 18 to 20 my stomach looks 9 months pregnant and I am only 5ft 2.
I have slimmed before and everyone says how much more attractive I look how good I look when I am slim I just keep piling it all back on again.
I hate how I look but without binging I feel as though there is nothing to look forward to.
I have thought about going to the doctor but what could he do anyway.

lobatteries Sun 19-Jun-11 23:36:42

chocaddict I was just closing as I'm really tired when I spotted your posting. I just had to let you know I am exactly the same, not that that helps you in any way. Apart from the teasing at school about my weight but I wouldn't be surprised if that happens or does soon.

I phoned overeaters anonymous whose building I spotted a few years ago but it was like they didn't understand and were no help at all. I can't stop. I mentioned it to my GP a few years ago and she didn't seem to hear so I went to a nurse for a blood pressure check as a friend was seeing a nurse about her bp and said that anyone can do it you would never believe it the nurse was heaps bigger than me so I didn't ask for help.

IntotheNittyGritty Sun 19-Jun-11 23:50:44

The first stage is, you have identified you have a problem - so well done.

You now need to work out a plan that will help resolve this.

Take each day at a time. eat half a cake, one biscuit, half the chocolate. It will be hard, but one step at a time.
Write a diary of EVERYTHING you eat so that you have hard evidence to review.
Introduce one healthy meal a week, then build it up to two, three, seven, 21 over a period of time.

You have to do this for you, not what anyone else says. Ask your doctor to check your health status, bloods, cholesteral, bp, iron etc so you have a starting point. Get his help. They can give you diet sheets and monitor your weight every week. They can help.

I expect you are eating because you are unhappy, stressed, worried, and this is making it worse.

I have just had the biggest shock of my life with my health. You dont know what is around the corner and you have to help yourself now. For your own sake as well as your child.

Ask questions, talk, chat to people instead of eating, people will want to help you if you want to help yourself.

Good luck and take care

forkful Mon 20-Jun-11 00:08:49

OP I have just got a book out the library called Overcoming Binge Eating....

I am worried about my eating habits. sad

I think I am trying to block out my feelings with food.

I personally don't think anyone can just stop without help.

The book has some steps, first one is to monitor food intake and mood, second is to establish regular eating (without eliminating binge eating). Then establishing some alternatives to binge eating, then some follow on steps.

54321 Tue 19-Jul-11 12:27:39

Chocaddict wondering if you are going to see this but if you do just come across your post and wondering if things are any different for you?

controlpantsandgladrags Tue 19-Jul-11 13:26:28

I am exactly the same. If you can afford it I would really recommend counselling (you may be able to get it through your GP). I've just had my first session and I'm really hoping it will help to address the underlying issues. I am sick to the back teeth of being told to eat less and exercise more.......

Erebus Tue 19-Jul-11 15:09:59

Can I recommend Gillian Riley?

This isn't a diet, it's a re-examination of WHY we overeat. I have only read the book though others recommend the CD or is it DVD as well. There's a good thread here on MN about 'Eating Less'

which you might find helpful.

You can overcome this and regain control over your body and your life. You've already taken the first step!

barbiegrows Tue 19-Jul-11 15:20:44

Have you tried flylady? This is essentially about housework and keeping your life organised but some of the approaches they use are surprisingly good for building up change slowly in your life. Getting routines into your life that don't allow over-eating will help you.

I do think that junk food is addictive - sugar certainly is. The easiest first step is to not take it home. Takeaways are loaded with calories - eat ready meals instead so at least you know what you're eating.

I think you shouldn't focus on diets and eating, focus on keeping yourself busy. The slimmest person I know told me how she did it - her answer was 'I never sit down during the day'. If you don't sit down you can't eat!

LadyLou30 Tue 19-Jul-11 22:03:53

I really get what you mean have a look at Beyond Chocolate - really lovely book written by two sisters who've been there and there is loads of help and support being set up around the country.

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