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Gallbladder. Post op pain

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Limelight Sun 19-Jun-11 23:21:57

Hi! Can you help me decipher this? I had my gallbladder out c.1week ago. I'm feeling pretty normal now and am grateful to nor be getting attacks anymore. Just for background, in diagnosing my gallstones, they also spotted that my spleen is at the upper end of normal (13cm) and my gamma gt liver enzyme levels are very slightly raised. I'm don't drink much so this is a bit weird.

Anyway! I have this niggling crampy pain slightly to the left of my top incision (so upper left quadrant). It feels a bit like a stitch and is manageable but there nevertheless. If I stretch, the pain becomes more obvious.

Any ideas? Is it post-operative? Is it my stomach or my liver? Is it my spleen and if so should I worry?!

So suck of worrying about my health!! Waiting for a referral re spleen and I'm pretty anxious about it if i'm honest.


Limelight Sun 19-Jun-11 23:22:46

So many typos! Sorry!

nomadwantshome Mon 20-Jun-11 11:26:03

Hi I had my gall bladder out a week ago today. I have 4 incisions, 2 of which have been bothering me. I get a stitch like pain at the top and left of my abdomen. I also get a hot feeling on the incisions every time I stretch beyond a little bit. Tbh I thought I'd be feeling a bit better than this. I'm ok in myself but just have the pains where the incisions are and a bit of tummy trouble.
When do you have a follow up for wound inspection? You could ask then?

stomp Mon 20-Jun-11 17:24:04

I was still in hospital 7 days post op and felt decidedly delicate (had a slight complication -nothing drastic- but had to stay in hosp) so I think you are doing well. I’m now 5 wks post op and still getting stitch like pains although they are getting less, i had 4 incisions too but it's the belly button one and the top incision that i get the pain with- probably lifting the watering can didnt help grin. GP said its normal post op and will decrease. It may be worth checking out with your GP to be on the safe side.
Liver enzyme levels are often slightly raised by the whole gall bladder thing- try not to worry, it may be the same for the spleen too.

Limelight Mon 20-Jun-11 17:47:16

Thanks! Very reassuring. Honestly, I've become the biggest hypochondriac lately.

I think I am doing well. I actually feel amazingly fit and am very much up and about (with DD in sling and everything). And anything is better than gallbladder pain of course. Incision sites are pretty much healed (they used glue and I'm really impressed with how effective that's been).

I think the spleen thing has just thrown me a bit and having been focussed on right sided gallbladder pain for so long, left sided pain surprised me. Glad to hear I'm not the only one having a bit of post-operative pain and I'm sure it'll go soon.

No follow up appointments - surgeon didn't seem to think I'd need it. I've had my wounds checked at my GP though. just waiting for a haematologist app now re my spleen.

Hope you both keep healing!!

Limelight Mon 20-Jun-11 17:50:17

That sounds awful! I'm obviously not glad anyone's in pain! blush

nomadwantshome Mon 20-Jun-11 20:34:18

I've got stitches but it said on my notes not to take them out. The district nurse seemed to think that they were notdissolvable so I'm not sure what's happening there!

Happy healing!

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