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have i got pnd?

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ledkr Sun 19-Jun-11 14:15:35

Hi all. Surprise but much loved baby 22wks. Had c section then she had cleft palate followed by pneumonia. Home from hosp 2 days post section in laws behaved like arses.Me and baby back in hospital the next day for 3 days and again at 6 days for pneumonia.She had reflux and was fairly hard work.I got an infection,aneamia and never really haqd any time to recover as baby came first. Pg was also difficult,was signed off at 28wks with spd.I am also 43.5th baby but youngest was 8 so big lifestyle change.
Anyway now baby is grand and i am not too worried about her upcoming surgery,sleeps and feeds well and is a gem. I feel utterly fed up anxious,extremely irritated by everyone especially poor dh who is really good to us.I either dont sleep or want to sleep constantly,i feel scared about the future and hate my life. It sounds obvious that im depressed but it is much worse in the 2 weeks before my period and i cant help thinking this is just a reaction to all the stress i have been through. I also am struggling to lose the extra 2 stone which isnt helping my self esteem. What do others think,is it reactionary or pnd?Or am i just feeble.

ledkr Sun 19-Jun-11 15:42:22

ah and nobody loves me either grin

controlpantsandgladrags Sun 19-Jun-11 16:12:48

Have a look at the edinburgh scale and see what score you come up with.

If it is PND it is perfectly treatable and you really don't need to worry. I've been there myself and it's horrible. It took about 8 months of prozac to get me from suicidal to almost my usual self. Chat to your HV or GP......they will have seen it hundreds of times before and won't judge you. They are there to help.

And congratulations on your beautiful baby smile

ledkr Sun 19-Jun-11 16:35:45

thanks,i will see gp,i dont feel suicidal just irrational iyswim,i have so much to be happy about but just feel moany and irritated. will do that scale now and see.

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