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rectocele posterior and antierior and pelvic floor weakness

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whiffy2334 Fri 17-Jun-11 13:37:13

Hi 2 all, Im new 2 this thread and boy am i glad i found it! I was beginnin 2 believe that i was the only 1. I need sound advice. Ive been 2 biofeed bk, there they did a protogram xray. There they found the rectoceles and p.f. weakness. Biofeed did nothin 4 me. And now they have told me that surgery WONT DO ANYTHIN but bring on more problems 4 me. I went 2 pieces, this has greatly impaired my quality of life, im 48 livin a life of a 80 yr old. So as it is now ive decided 2 go and c a gnyie, as i have to have the surgery, got nothin else 2 lose. I need response to tell me of there experiences and out come of surgery. It gob smacked me when they told me they wouldnt do the surgery knowin my quality of life and i wanted it done. This hospital was st marks in London -nhs- how can some1 make that decision 4 me??????? As i z im waitin 2 c a gynie and im prayin they will say YES. I live in northampton is there any1 who lives close by so we can meet up? I feel soooo alone with this

Flowers40 Fri 17-Jun-11 17:45:09

HI whiffy, I got your message and hope you can find us on the new thread above! Replied with the title so hope to see you there x

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