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Teenage Daughter's IBS

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TwoHens Fri 17-Jun-11 12:41:47

It's difficult to tell if my daughter's irritability towards me is due to her IBS pain or her hormones. Probably a combination of both!
Almost a year ago my 18 year old was told by her GP that through a diagnosis of exclusion she has IBS. The prescribed tablets don't appear to give her much comfort and she hasn't found any foods that appear to aggrevate her condition. In addition she is always tired, has bad skin and suffers with headaches. She appears not to get stressed about exams as she is very bright but life and people stress her out!
I am at my wits end as she is suffering and naturally I am the target for all her bad feelings. With her going to university this year, I would like to spend more time with her but quite frankly I'm so frightened of an argument ensuing due to her criticising me all the time that I just duck out; last night I went to bed.
Please don't ask if I've spoken to her. We've had years of rows, I'm so exhausted. If I try to talk with her it'll just end in a row!

strawberryjelly Fri 17-Jun-11 13:29:37

Poor you.

Have she tried having ( the obvious) a really healthy diet? You know- cutting out all the junk and just eating fruit, veg, wholefoods etc etc. and no ready meals or junk. IBS can be an issue with too little or even too much fibre- but also stress and anxiety play their part.

She might find hypnotherapy or acupuncture help with the stress-worth a try?

TwoHens Fri 17-Jun-11 14:14:24

Thank you.
She does eat well - fruit, salads, veg, rye bread, eggs. We don't have ready meals but I think she doesn't eat regularly enough as she must have a fast metabolism.
She may not be open to hypnotherapy but perhaps acupuncture. I suggest it.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 17-Jun-11 14:50:00


What are her periods like; are these very painful?.

What blood tests have been done if any regarding her skin and tiredness?. Have they actually looked at her thyroid levels recently?. These are usually hormone related and GPs are not always all that great when it comes to such issues.

Has your DD ever seen an endocrinologist?. Further investigation is needed, would not fully accept what the GP is saying here.

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