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Urine test strips

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MrsChemist Thu 16-Jun-11 16:19:48

Saw MW today and overheard the HCA say that something was slightly blue, and I stupidly didn't ask what was slightly blue (DS was fussing).
I was wondering what blue means on them (if they are all the same, or if more than one thing can be blue)

I wouldn't usually worry, but I've found out two things about my last pregnancy that they weren't clear on/didn't tell me last time. One was that I was severely anaemic (I knew I was, but they neglected to tell me just how serious it was. When I was pregnant with DS, I was "just a little bit" anaemic; now I was "severely" anaemic) and that I was an almost emcs, which was news to me certainly.

(Sorry, bit of a rant)

TIA for any info

hiddenhome Thu 16-Jun-11 22:38:57

The urine test strips test for: glucose, leukocytes, Ph, ketones, nitrites/nitrates, bilirubin and protein.

The word 'slightly' indicates that there was just a trace of something or other that's shown up. Traces usually aren't that significant. If there was something wrong, the MW would have acted upon it.

You need to ask them in the future. Don't be shy, it's your body smile

MrsChemist Thu 16-Jun-11 23:55:27

Thanks, I have a tendency to think about these things after I've left blush

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