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Anyone know about sinus infections and the bugs that can be found??

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mynaughtylittlesister Wed 15-Jun-11 21:24:23

I have had rotten luck over the last 2 years with continual sinus/chest infections. Eventually after 2 FESS operations I was referred to an ENT Consultant in London.

3mths ago I went for my first consultation with him, he took lots of blood and listened to my story etc. Today I went back, almost felt a fraud as since I last saw him I have only had one chest infection. He gave me my results of blood test and they showed up that there was some bug present - he explained it was a sugar coated bug and that it was quite rare to be found in someone of my age! I am 42 and he said its normally present in someone over the age of 65!! But I can't quite remember what the bug is - can anyone help?

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