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DS (2yrs) seems to get blue lips when he's cold.... is this normal

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M2T Tue 07-Oct-03 13:32:37

I've noticed this for a while now. Whenever he is slightly cold his lips go blue-ish. I have got it into my head that it's a heart problem!

I haven't mentioned it to DP coz he is a panicker and I suppose I'm hoping it just goes away. But it's been going on for months now. When he gets out of the bath/swimming pool, when we are at the bus stop even when he is wrapped up really warm.

And I've noticed over the last few nights that his breathing is very irregular. It goes very fast then worrying slow then fast again. Is this normal?

Apart from this he seems perfectly healthy. He runs around all the time, he's eating well. He has had a slight temperature over the past 2 or 3 days off and on.

Does any of this add up? It's a bit all over the place, but I'm worried sick about him.

forestfly Tue 07-Oct-03 13:37:39

My son has a heart problem, it started happening to him a few weeks ago. I have a special line i can ring. They told me that all children get blue lips, if there breathing goes desperate or there whole mouths with tongue and throat go blue then worry. They didnt even want to check him, and they take no risks with him! I told them he wasnt cold and all sorts, no problem at all!

M2T Tue 07-Oct-03 13:40:36

Oh thank you thank you thank you FF!! I really needed to hear that.

Sorry about your childs heart problem. Is it permanent?

forestfly Tue 07-Oct-03 13:44:16

Yes it is but dont worry he is very carefully monitored and is perfectly healthy to people who dont know. Glad i could put your mind at rest i panicked too. Its horrible isnt it! Dont no what is temp is though has he just got a cold?

M2T Tue 07-Oct-03 13:53:48

I had this horrible thought that the temperature was linked to it all and he had a virus in his heart or something. I'm not usually a panicker but this really freaked me out!

No he doesn't have a cold, but I'm wondering if he may be getting some back teeth coming through. I must check tonight if he'll let me!

When did you find out about his heart problem?

forestfly Tue 07-Oct-03 13:57:26

Your not still worried thats what it is are you!! I found out when he was born, when they listen to the newborns heart they could hear it. I dont worry about it really i have a panic everynow and again and usually write something on mumsnet!

M2T Tue 07-Oct-03 13:58:25

FF - I know I'm being neurotic. Must be my hormones!

forestfly Tue 07-Oct-03 13:58:44

Oohhh! Teething great fun !

forestfly Tue 07-Oct-03 14:00:34

Its part of being a mum, worry Im sure hell be fine

M2T Tue 07-Oct-03 14:25:39

Does teething EVER stop??

bunny2 Tue 07-Oct-03 20:24:41

I was told, by an paediatrician in A&E, that a high temp was NEVER caused by teething and should never be attributed to teething. This was after ds was rushed to A&E rapidly deteriorating after the NHS Direct advice was his 104 temp was due to teething and not to worry, give calpol etc etc. I innored their (incorrect) advice and trusted my instincts (which were correct) and got ds to a hospital. The moral of this tale is dont put a raised temp down to teething, look for other causes.

mears Tue 07-Oct-03 21:47:19

M2T - this sounds totally normal to me - happened with all 4 of my children. However, you should talk to your GP incase there is an underlying problem as in forestfly's case.

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