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Smear testing

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muncaster Wed 15-Jun-11 19:26:14

Hi All

I'm hoping someone can say oh yes that happened to me and its because xyz...

My first smear (10 yrs ago) showed mild/moderate abnormal cells so I went for further smears and had colposcopy by which time cells were normal but I was put on a yearly register for 10 years. On my last smear before I was due to go on a three yearly register I had servere abnormalities and had to have LLETZ, I then had to go back for a further smear and colposcopy six months later, I was 20 weeks pregnant at this point. The result of this smear was normal thankfully.

It is now a year on and I phoned my doctor to see why I hadn't been called up for my smear, assuming from my history that they would continue to be every 12 months, however I was informed that I am on a three yearly register now and have the following concerns 1) why when I had mild abnormalities was I put on a one year register but now I have had severe it is three yearly 2) can't pregnancy affect smear results and 3) I went from normal to severe in 12 months what could have happened had this gone undetected for a further two years.

I'm not expecting a definite answer but has anyone an idea if why this would be? And yes I am probably being overly paranoid!!!!


imadgeine Wed 15-Jun-11 19:36:03

If it is bothering you a lot why not just ask your GP if you can have an annual smear. Tell em it is keeping you awake at night.

muncaster Wed 15-Jun-11 20:10:28

Think I just want reassurance that if other people had the same experience they would have the same concerns. Between my daughter and I seem to have lived at the GPs the past couple of weeks and worry that they just think "oh god its her again"!!!!

BelaLugosiinStripes Wed 15-Jun-11 21:54:48

Some areas are using HPV testing for something called "test of cure".
1. If your area is already doing this then when you went for your test last year then you should have been given a leaflet and explanation about it.
2. Your result letter last year - should have said the repeat time as three years.
3. If you have had the "test of cure" HPV test then what they is this:
Take cervical samples as normal for patient when they attend for their first follow up after treatment (i.e the LLETZ). If the cytology and the HPV test are both negative then the patient is put back onto routine recall as it means the patient has cleared the HPV infection (which causes the development of CIN) and is at low risk of it recurring so they don't need to have annual tests.

Personally I would (a) check for any info you received last year and see if any of the above applies (b) ring the GP again and ask them if you had HPV testing. If you didn't then it is a bit odd you're on normal/routine recall, and it needs investigating. If you did have "test of cure" but it wasn't fully explained then your feedback will be really useful to those involved because then queries like the one you've got now can be avoided.
Useful links:
link to NHS CSP HPV test leaflet
main NHS Cervical screening website

muncaster Thu 16-Jun-11 09:10:18

Thank you for that will have a look and probably speak with GP too.

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